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Planning on visiting Northern Greece?

Need a reliable transfer for yourself, your family, friends or business partners? There’s only one choice if you want a comfy, cosy and classy ride from point A to B.
Go tailor-made.

Whether you’re travelling solo or have people with you, we got you fully covered. We regularly accommodate all group sizes and have multiple vehicle categories. No person is left behind. No need is left unmet.

What sets us apart from the competition?

Potos Transfers has a long-standing presence and impeccable reputation in the passenger transfer industry.

Reach out to us for a no-nonsense, premium quality, yet reasonably priced service.

If you have a custom transfer request other companies can’t, won’t or don’t know how to do— give us a try. Going over-and-beyond for our clients is our standard.

“Can’t” simply is not a part of our vocabulary.

Secure your perfect, tailor-made trip with an expert local driver. Book your rides(s) quickly se-curely with our money-back guarantee.

Travel stress-free with local assistance and 24/7 English-speaking customer support.

How to book a custom transfer?

Simply select the transfer date and exact time in the online form above. Next, enter the number of passengers and choose the vehicle type best suited your party’s need. (Our vehicles are arranged in three different categories, depending on the passengers' number. All cars are in mint condition, regularly and thoroughly serviced and driven by hand-picked professionals.

After that, type in the pick-up and drop-off location (airport, hotel, private accommodation ad-dress) and that’s it. Congratulations! You have booked our custom transfer. We’ll be there on time, and you’ll reach your destination in comfort and style.

Want to do some location hopping?

We are happy to oblige.

Whether you’re visiting Northern Greece for business or pleasure, ease and speed of travelling are of vital importance. Let us step in. Multiple transfer legs are available — add them easily by clicking on the “ADD LEG” button.

Getting from an airport to a hotel or Airbnb (or vice versa), visiting multiple cities and exploring the landmarks, restaurants and beaches has never been easier.

You create your perfect itinerary. We do all the rest!

Is there a better way to enjoy your time in Greece than hop in the vehicle? Sit back, let someone else do all the work and get off at the end destination? Save your energy, time and money on things you enjoy.

Book your customized car transfer now!