Best Bars in Thessaloniki

10 Best Bars in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece. It is also the second most visited city in all of Greece after Crete. The city is as lively as it could be with its different entertaining attractions but one thing that Thessaloniki is best known for is its exotic, fun, and amusing nightlife. If you are a night owl, and you like to explore places at night, Thessaloniki is going to satisfy you to the core. The city offers a variety of ways to entertain oneself for a fun evening or night. There are many live music bars, clubs, discos, lounge bars, bouzoukia, and many other places. You will find everything from a decent drink to a trendy and flashy cocktail bar. Some even offer you instruments and live music sessions where you can sing, dance, and have the most fun time, or if you are too shy to take on the floor then you can simply enjoy a nice drink with your favorite music in the background, jazz, Latin, traditional Greek, and much more. Continue reading “10 Best Bars in Thessaloniki”

Attractions in Thessaloniki

15 Historic Sites and Attractions in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece. It is a place filled with culture, rich history, and colorful markets. Formerly known as Salonika, Thessaloniki has played an important role in urban trade due to its location in the Roman era. Once it was conquered by the Romans, they turned Thessaloniki into one of their four districts and also built a harbor to help the city flourish.

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White Tower of Thessaloniki Museum

8 Top Museums in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki holds a great historical treasure in the form of many museums. It has a great history that dates back a thousand years, and if history had blessed Thessaloniki with something special, it is the great artifacts that are stored in these magnificent museums that each tell a story about this great island. And one of the best parts about these museums is that you do not need a classics or archeological degree to understand or enjoy them, as the artifacts hold a great story with them which the museum guide will tell you all about. Continue reading “8 Top Museums in Thessaloniki”

Best Restaurants in Thessaloniki

10 Best Restaurants in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is a city with vibrant culture. It is a place best known for its different celebrations and festivities, which happen all year. Thessaloniki is a perfect spot if you wish to experience different cultures in one place. The mixed culture of the city has a great influence on the type of food that is available at the restaurants. The weather in Greece is mostly mild, which is why Thessaloniki has a number of open restaurants so you can enjoy your food with a good view. People from all over the world visit Thessaloniki to try some of the most delicious dishes. Continue reading “10 Best Restaurants in Thessaloniki”

Thessaloniki Airport

All about Thessaloniki Airport: Car rentals, Shop, Stay, Eat, Drink

Thessaloniki Airport is one of the busiest airports and a major holiday arrival point for tourists. It is only 15 km from Thessaloniki city, and it welcomes domestic flights from all over Greece and international flights from some well-known European countries. There are some other famous cities as well near Thessaloniki airport, such as Perea, which is 7km to the west of the airport and is famous for its beaches, and Nea Michaniona, which is a small town 10km on the southeast of the airport, famous for its fishing spots. You can easily get to these cities via National Road 67, which is on the northern side of the island and provides a direct link to Thessaloniki city and other cities. Continue reading “All about Thessaloniki Airport: Car rentals, Shop, Stay, Eat, Drink”

Transportation in Thessaloniki

How to Get Around Thessaloniki? Walking, Bus, Car Rental & Taxi

Thessaloniki is the second biggest city after Athens in all of Greece. The island is at a beautiful waterfront in the Macedonia region at Thermaic Gulf. The city is rich in history and culture and is a great place if you want to explore northern Greece. Thessaloniki is also a business, transport, and commercial hub for other nearby countries. The island is also home to a mixed cultured civilisation, making Thessaloniki one of the liveliest places in Greece. Continue reading “How to Get Around Thessaloniki? Walking, Bus, Car Rental & Taxi”

Prices in Thessaloniki

Prices in Thessaloniki: Is Thessaloniki Expensive?

Thessaloniki is a city that has something for every visitor. You get to have different experiences like trying amazing food, visiting old palaces and monuments, reliving the old times in the museum, and hitting the fun, beautiful, and clear beaches. But like every other vacation trip, Thessaloniki also carries an expense, and you do not want to overspend on something. Of course, visiting another country is expensive, but you can still control the overall spending and plan the trip within a budget. Continue reading “Prices in Thessaloniki: Is Thessaloniki Expensive?”


All you need to know about Zagorochoria – Greece

Zagorochoria is an intricate island on the northwest side of Greece. The island is filled with small villages built on the mountains of the Epirus region. The beautiful villages of Zagorochoria, like Pepigo, Monodendri, and Vitsa, are so mesmerizing that they look like postcards. The island of Zagorochoria is filled with narrow alleys and stone-made houses with grey-tiled houses. Continue reading “All you need to know about Zagorochoria – Greece”

ferry boats to thassos

Ferry to Thassos: Routes, Cost, Schedule & Car Rentals

If you plan to catch a ferry in Thassos, keep reading as we discuss everything you must know about Thassos ferries, from how much they cost to their schedules. Also, we’ll discuss what services you can get on the ferry. So, without wasting any more time, let us dive in and discover everything there is to learn about ferries in Thassos. Continue reading “Ferry to Thassos: Routes, Cost, Schedule & Car Rentals”

Wineries in Thassos and Thessaloniki

10 Best Wineries in Thassos & Thessaloniki

Are you looking for a unique and fun-filled way to explore Greece? Look no further than wineries in Thassos and Thessaloniki. Here, visitors can treat themselves to some of the most diverse wine varieties. From traditional dry whites to fruity rosés, these wines come alive when tasted in their natural environment. So why not take an adventure through wine country today with our guide on some of the best wineries in Thassos and Thessaloniki? Continue reading “10 Best Wineries in Thassos & Thessaloniki”