what to do in thassos when it rains

What to do in Thassos when it rains?

What to do in Thassos when it rains? For many people rain on holidays is one of the worst thing can ever happen…Normally during summer time from June until August we rarely get a drop of rain on the island and even in this case it’s just a light rain which lasts for some minutes or hours with the sun shining next day.

In September or October the possibility of stronger rain is although slightly higher…Well not that case last September when we literally had full sunshine and almost 30 degrees every day!

In order to avoid frustration and disappointment here our best tips about how to deal with the rain during your holidays on Thassos, how to get over it and have some really fun even on a rainy day! Continue reading “What to do in Thassos when it rains?”