Day Trips from Thessaloniki

Day Trips from Thessaloniki – Hire a car & plan your trips!

Day Trips from Thessaloniki: The places recommended are very close to each other so you could combine 2 sights or locations, a day, in a your daily trip. Hire a car from the local provider Potos Car Rentals and start your trip stress-free directly from Thessaloniki Airport.

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blue Fiat 500

What you should know when picking up a rental car

Reserving and picking up a rental car for the first time in a foreign country can sometimes cause stress at first because you arrive to a foreign place where you don’t know yourselves around or anyone who can help you.

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Aeolus yachting on Thassos

Thassos Yacht – Aeolus Yachting

Thassos Yacht: Once you arrive on the northern most Aegean island in Greece, also known as the emerald island you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to plan a trip, make a tour, discover the beauties of the island, get to know the people and the culture, try something new!

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Best hotels in Thassos

Best hotels in Thassos: Welcome to Hotel Pegasus!

Best hotels in Thassos: Once you decide to visit the East Macedonian Region of Northern Greece, you know that you cannot miss out the emerald Aegean island of Thassos.

Once you are here, what a better place to start your exploration of the island, experience vivid nightlife and discover Thassian culture, but from Limenas or also known as Thassos Town.

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must do in thassos

Must do in Thassos: Celebrate Carnival in Thassos!

Must do in Thassos: Carnival is the most fun time of the year and is celebrated annually in many countries. It is a festival, typically during the week before Lent in Roman Catholic countries, involving processions, music, dancing, and the use of masquerade. For many, it is a funfair, a circus, a time of competitions, games and winning prizes.

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how to get to thassos

How to get to Thassos island Greece

How to get to Thassos: Thassos island has become even more popular over the years attracting even more tourists from all over the world, not only for its beauty and low prices, local products, polite locals, traditions, delicious cuisine, outdoor activities one can do, but for its easy accessibility too.

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thassos достопримечательности

Thassos достопримечательности

Thassos достопримечательности: Мы в Греции отдыхаем с 2001 года, и 2017 году обнаружили для себя чудесный зелёный остров Тасос! И вот уже два года подряд отдыхаем именно здесь!

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