Acropolis of Thassos

The Acropolis of Thassos: A Window into the Past of Thassos!

Exploring the ancient edges of history can be a captivating experience for any traveller. Journey to the secluded Greek island of Thassos, and uncover the story of its iconic Acropolis of Thassos, an archaeological site spanning nearly two millennia. Constructed in the 5th century BC as a citadel against invaders, this marvellous complex has withstood hundreds of years to remain one of Greece’s most impressive treasures today. Take a step back in time and discover the secrets kept safe within the walls – from churches where martyrs once worshipped to centuries-old fortifications still standing guard over what remains! Continue reading “The Acropolis of Thassos: A Window into the Past of Thassos!”

Skala Kallirachi Beach

Skala Kallirachi: Highlights, Access, Accommodation & Rental Cars

Skala Kallirachi is a small fishing village on the island’s west coast. The town has a small harbor, a promenade, a small beach, several grocery stores, a bakery, a meat shop, and several taverns. All that is required for a calm and unwinding vacation will soon be available. Skala Kallirachi is an excellent fishing location; all fishermen will find it enjoyable.

Continue reading “Skala Kallirachi: Highlights, Access, Accommodation & Rental Cars”

Skala Rachoni beach

Skala Rachoni Beach: Highlights, Access, Accommodation & Rental Cars

With its mesmerizing sandy beach and clear blue water, Skala Rachoni Beach offers a peaceful and serene environment for those who seek to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. If you are looking for an ideal family vacation spot, this beach checks all the boxes. Its shallow waters are perfect for families with children. The beach is organized and is surrounded by trees, mainly pine and olive trees, which provide natural shade to visitors on the beach. The water has sandy and rocky parts, but you can always find a piece of beach that suits your taste. Continue reading “Skala Rachoni Beach: Highlights, Access, Accommodation & Rental Cars”

Psili Ammos beach Thassos

Psili Ammos Beach Thassos: Highlights, Access, Accommodation & Rental Cars

Psili Ammos is a beach located in the southern region of the island of Thassos, close to Potos. Its name says a lot about the beach, which means fine sand. The colour of the crystal-clear seas and the smooth white sand there perfectly complement each other. Pine trees and rich foliage make up the area’s stunning surroundings. Many people come to the beach to sunbathe and make use of the facilities and water activities available due to its natural beauty. Continue reading “Psili Ammos Beach Thassos: Highlights, Access, Accommodation & Rental Cars”

Sunset at Atspas Beach

Atspas beach: Highlights, Access, Accommodation & Rental Cars

Nature has bestowed Thassos with many mesmerising and breathtaking beaches. Skala Maries, a coastal village in the southwestern part of Thassos and 30 km from Limenas, has three amazing beaches. One of the finest beaches located in Skala Maries is Atspas Beach. Despite being a small beach, tourists flock to the beach for its calm environment, quietness, and crystal-clear water. If you want peace and quiet and are not interested in commercialised beaches, Atspas beach is your answer. Its gold sand glistens when the sun shines, making it appear majestic. Continue reading “Atspas beach: Highlights, Access, Accommodation & Rental Cars”

top view paradise- beach

Paradise Beach: Highlights, Access, Accommodation and Car rental

Named after of its exotic beauty and mesmerising scenic views, Paradise Beach is one of the most renowned beaches in Thassos. It has a soft sandy shore with shallow waters. Similar to the beaches in movies, the frequent waves and beautiful turquoise water make this picturesque beach look like a tropical island beach. Continue reading “Paradise Beach: Highlights, Access, Accommodation and Car rental”


Geography of Thassos

The geography of Thassos is lush with lovely beaches that blend the sea and the mountains in a unique way. Its natural beauty and scenery are breathtaking. The prominent pine trees blanket the island and as you come down to the coastlines, you’ll be in awe of its golden sand. and turquoise waters. As such, it earned the name “Emerald Island.” Continue reading “Geography of Thassos”

Thassos Parking

Parking in Thassos – Where to park?

When driving in Thassos, knowing where to park is essential to avoid getting a parking ticket. Of course, you wouldn’t want to pay a hefty fine just because you parked in the wrong spot. This isn’t just a waste of money but also a huge inconvenience since you’ll need to go to the Traffic police station to pay the fine. Continue reading “Parking in Thassos – Where to park?”

Best Time to Visit Thassos

Best Time to Visit Thassos

If you plan to visit Thassos, knowing when the best time to do so is essential. It not only allows you to avoid the crowds, but also ensure that you have the best possible weather for your holiday. Each of us has different preferences when it comes to weather, so finding out what the average temperatures and rainfall are for each month is a great place to start.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about the best time to visit Thassos, including average monthly temperatures, weather and even tips when visiting during a certain season. Continue reading “Best Time to Visit Thassos”

Getting around Thassos

What Is the Best Way to Get Around Thassos?

Over the years, Thassos has become increasingly popular as a tourist destination. With its gorgeous beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush green landscape, it’s not hard to see why people are drawn to this special island. In Thassos, you’ll find all sorts of activities to keep you busy, from hiking and biking to swimming and sunbathing. And, of course, there are plenty of delicious places to eat and drink. Plus, the locals are incredibly friendly and welcoming. Continue reading “What Is the Best Way to Get Around Thassos?”