top view paradise- beach

Paradise Beach: Highlights, Access, Accommodation and Car rental

Named after of its exotic beauty and mesmerising scenic views, Paradise Beach is one of the most renowned beaches in Thassos. It has a soft sandy shore with shallow waters. Similar to the beaches in movies, the frequent waves and beautiful turquoise water make this picturesque beach look like a tropical island beach. Continue reading “Paradise Beach: Highlights, Access, Accommodation and Car rental”


Geography of Thassos

The geography of Thassos is lush with lovely beaches that blend the sea and the mountains in a unique way. Its natural beauty and scenery are breathtaking. The prominent pine trees blanket the island and as you come down to the coastlines, you’ll be in awe of its golden sand. and turquoise waters. As such, it earned the name “Emerald Island.” Continue reading “Geography of Thassos”

Thassos Parking

Parking in Thassos – Where to park?

When driving in Thassos, knowing where to park is essential to avoid getting a parking ticket. Of course, you wouldn’t want to pay a hefty fine just because you parked in the wrong spot. This isn’t just a waste of money but also a huge inconvenience since you’ll need to go to the Traffic police station to pay the fine. Continue reading “Parking in Thassos – Where to park?”

Best Time to Visit Thassos

Best Time to Visit Thassos

If you plan to visit Thassos, knowing when the best time to do so is essential. It not only allows you to avoid the crowds, but also ensure that you have the best possible weather for your holiday. Each of us has different preferences when it comes to weather, so finding out what the average temperatures and rainfall are for each month is a great place to start.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about the best time to visit Thassos, including average monthly temperatures, weather and even tips when visiting during a certain season. Continue reading “Best Time to Visit Thassos”

Getting around Thassos

What Is the Best Way to Get Around Thassos?

Over the years, Thassos has become increasingly popular as a tourist destination. With its gorgeous beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush green landscape, it’s not hard to see why people are drawn to this special island. In Thassos, you’ll find all sorts of activities to keep you busy, from hiking and biking to swimming and sunbathing. And, of course, there are plenty of delicious places to eat and drink. Plus, the locals are incredibly friendly and welcoming. Continue reading “What Is the Best Way to Get Around Thassos?”

Charging Electric Car rental

Electric Car Rentals in Thassos

Thassos is an island that offers visitors the perfect combination of natural beauty and rich history. The island is located in the north Aegean Sea, and it’s easily accessible from Keramoti by ferry. Thassos has something for everyone – there are plenty of beaches for swimming and sunbathing, as well as forests to explore and ancient ruins to visit. However, for you to enjoy the island to the fullest, renting a car is a must. Continue reading “Electric Car Rentals in Thassos”

Driving License requirements in Thessaloniki Airport

Is an International Driving License Needed to Rent a Car in Thessaloniki Airport?

Thessaloniki is a popular holiday destination for those looking to escape the daily grind. With dozens of cafes & restaurants, historical sites, and authentic Greek culture, it’s no wonder that thousands visit the city each year for a quick break. But with such a large influx of places to visit, many think that renting a vehicle is necessary to get around and see everything about Thessaloniki. Continue reading “Is an International Driving License Needed to Rent a Car in Thessaloniki Airport?”

What Are the Most Popular Car Rental Models in Thessaloniki?

What Are the Most Popular Car Rental Models in Thessaloniki?

Traveling to Thessaloniki is always a great idea. You can enjoy the clear waters, visit interesting places or engage in different activities. Thessaloniki is well known for its amazing views, historical site and all-night-long nightlife that will offer you an unforgettable memories. Continue reading “What Are the Most Popular Car Rental Models in Thessaloniki?”

Hands Choosing a Credit Card

Do I Need a Credit Card to Hire a Car in Thessaloniki Airport?

Thessaloniki is a beautiful city in North Greece that’s flocked with tourists every summer. If you want to experience the most out of your trip in Thessaloniki, you’ll probably want to explore the region by hiring a car in Thessaloniki Airport.  This gives you more freedom than any other travel option. You can choose your route, plan out the day of your liking and make stops along the way. But one concern travellers usually have is if they can hire a car with or without a credit card. In this guide, we’ll be covering this question as well as other important aspects of car rental in Thessaloniki and its airport.

Continue reading “Do I Need a Credit Card to Hire a Car in Thessaloniki Airport?”

Thessaloniki Airport Car Rental

Do I Have to Pay a Deposit when I Rent a Car in Thessaloniki Airport?

We all need a break from our busy schedules and hectic routines. As the weather stays pleasant in Greece during summertime, spending a holiday on one of the beautiful Greek islands is always a good idea. One place that’s worth visiting is Thessaloniki, which is a city rich in history, great night life and amazing port views. Continue reading “Do I Have to Pay a Deposit when I Rent a Car in Thessaloniki Airport?”