Frequently Asked Questions at Potos Car Rentals

What are the requirements for me to rent a car?

Minimum rental age is 23 years on last birthday with at least two years’ experience on a full driving license. Drivers under 23 years of age may rent a car, at our discretion, for an additional daily charge of €10. The maximum rental age is 75 years. If the driver’s license is not from a European Union member state we require an International Driver’s License

How do I make a reservation?

You can make a reservation by:

How do I make payment?

You can pay by cash or by Visa and Mastercard.

When do I pay?

Full payment to be made when you collect the vehicle.

Where can I collect the car from?

Any of our offices on Thassos island, Thessaloniki and Kavala airports. Free hotel pick up and return service within a 10 km distance from any of our rental stations on Thassos Island.

Will someone meet me at the airport when I arrive?

If you are collecting your car from Thessaloniki and Kavala airports you will be met by one of our representatives near to the exit doors in front of the arrivals gate (outside area). They will be holding a card with your name.

Can we have more than one named driver and is there a charge for this?

You can have a total maximum of 2 named drivers, we do not make a charge for this. Please note all drivers must sign the contract and provide a valid driver’s licence and identification.

What do I do when I am leaving from the airport?

You will be informed where you should leave the car when you start your rental. A list of contact telephone numbers is also provided should you have any difficulties.

What insurance cover do you provide? Do I need to upgrade the standard cover?

We provide only FULL COMPREHENSIVE insurance. However if you are responsible for an accident the following excess payments are applicable:

  • €500 for A, A1, B car categories
  • €700 for B1, B2, C, C1, H, S, S1, S2, G, E, E1, L, H1, CH1 car categories
  • €1000 for J, F1, EV car categories

You can avoid paying this ‘excess’ by making an additional daily payment of

  • €3 for A, A1, B car categories
  • €4 for B1, B2, C, C1 car categories
  • €5 for H, S, S1, S2, G, E, E1, L, EV, H1, CH1 car categories
  • €10 for J, F1 car categories

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If I am unlucky and have an accident, or my car does not work, what happens next?

You must contact Potos Car Rentals 24 hour care line immediately. If we cannot repair the vehicle, we will supply you with a replacement vehicle.

Do your cars have 24 hour breakdown/recovery service?

We provide 24/7 telephone support and have a contract with the largest breakdown/recovery service in Greece.

What is the minimum period I can rent a car for?

Our minimum rental period is 1 day (24 hours) and multiples thereof.

Do you provide baby and childrens seats?

Yes. Baby seats are charged at €2 per day, children’s booster seats are provided free of charge. Please make sure you tell us your needs at the time of booking.

What is your fuel policy?

The car must be returned with the same level of fuel as which you took delivery. This level is marked on the contract.

How do I make payment?

You can pay by cash or by Visa, Euro and Mastercard.

What else do I need to know?

Please read our Terms and Conditions or contact us if you need more information, we will be pleased to help you.

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