About Potos Car Rentals

Potos Car Rentals is a well-established car hire company based in Thassos, Greece. We have been serving holidaymakers and visitors to the island since 1988, providing reliable and affordable car rental services. Potos Car Rentals is proud to have the largest car rental fleet in Thassos and is one of the largest car rental companies in Northern Greece.

We have convenient car hire stations at the two largest airports in northern Greece: Thessaloniki - International Airport Macedonia (SKG) and Kavala - Megas Alexandros Airport (KVA). Upon arrival, you can collect your rental car directly from the airport, saving you time and hassle. We also have offices at Thassos's main ports, including Limenas and Skala Prinos.

Potos Car Rentals offers many vehicles to suit every need and budget. We have the perfect car for your requirements, from small economy cars to brand-new vehicles of various categories. We take pride in maintaining our cars to the highest standards, ensuring you have a safe and comfortable driving experience during your stay in Greece. We offer additional services such as free hotel pick-up and return service on Thassos, and the option to take our cars on the ferry to Thassos.

Potos car rentals office in Limenas

When was Potos Car Rentals founded?

Potos Car Rentals started 36 years ago. It was founded in 1988 in Potos, Thassos Island. The first headquarters was in Potos on Thassos Island. Potos Car Rentals started as a small business with a few cars and a station in Potos. The company expanded its fleet and locations, opening offices at Thessaloniki and Kavala Airports in northern Greece and Thassos's ports and main towns. The company established its EOT-registered service station to maintain the high standard of its vehicles. Potos Car Rentals offers cars for every budget and preference, from small economy cars to brand-new vehicles of all categories. The company also rents jeeps for adventurous customers who want to explore the island's off-road trails. All the cars are insured with a 100% no excess policy, which means no hidden costs or worries for the customers. The company also provides free cancellation, free delivery, free booster seats, and free extra drivers for all rentals.

Potos car rentals Headquarters

What do Potos Car Rentals Offer?

Listed below are the offers of Potos Car Rentals:

  • Comprehensive Insurance: Potos Car Rentals provides comprehensive insurance coverage for its rental vehicles. This ensures you are protected in case of unforeseen events or damages during your rental period.
  • Wide Selection of Vehicles: Potos Car Rentals has a large fleet of cars offering diverse vehicles. Whether you need a small economy car, a family-sized vehicle, an automatic car, a 4x4, or even an electric vehicle, Potos Car Rentals has options to suit your preferences and requirements.
  • Convenient Pick-up Locations: Potos Car Rentals has car-hire stations at Thessaloniki - International Airport Macedonia (SKG) and Kavala - Megas Alexandros Airport (KVA). This allows you to collect your rental car directly from the airport upon your arrival, offering convenience and saving you time.
  • Additional Pick-up and Delivery Options: Potos Car Rentals offers free pick-up of the drivers and return service on Thassos.
  • Ferry Service: Potos Car Rentals allows you to take their rental cars on the ferry to Thassos. This is not offered by all car hire companies, giving you the flexibility to explore the island.
  • Experienced Staff: The company takes pride in its team of native English, German, Czech and Polish-speaking staff members who have been with Potos Car Rentals for over 20 years. They are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and ensuring a smooth rental experience for every customer.
Potos car rentals about us

Who Found Potos Car Rentals?

Diamantis Dalgiannakis founded Potos Car Rentals in 1988. The vision stemmed from recognizing a need for reliable and affordable rental services on the island, where tourists often seek flexibility in exploring its numerous attractions. Combining expertise in business management and a love for travel due to his previous profession as captain, Mr. Diamantis Dalgiannakis established Potos Car Rentals as a trusted partner for visitors seeking to easily navigate Thassos. Potos Car Rentals has grown into a reputable provider of transportation services on Thassos, earning recognition for its dedication to customer satisfaction and commitment to quality. Through continuous innovation and expansion, Potos Car Rentals has evolved to meet the evolving needs of travelers, offering a diverse fleet of vehicles, convenient booking options, and personalized assistance to ensure a seamless experience for every customer.

Who is the current CEO of Potos Car Rentals?

Konstantina Dalgiannaki is the current CEO of Potos Car Rentals and Operations Manager together with her sister Olga. She is responsible for overseeing the operations of the company. She has previous experience in the tourism industry, having worked at Costa Navarino and Der Touristik GMBH. Konstantina Dalgiannaki holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Economics from Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. She is knowledgeable in car rental, customer service, Thassos local knowledge, creativity, and team spirit.

How did Potos Car Rentals Sustain the Business for many years?

Potos Car Rentals has built a strong reputation for providing reliable and affordable car hire services since its establishment in 1988. This reputation has been instrumental in attracting repeat customers and word-of-mouth recommendations, helping them maintain a steady business flow over the years. Potos Car Rentals has adapted to its customers' changing needs and preferences. The company has consistently updated its fleet of cars, offering a wide range of vehicles to cater to different requirements and budgets. From small economy cars to brand-new vehicles of all categories, they have ensured that customers have options to choose from. They have even included ATVs-Quads in their fleet, catering to customers who prefer a more adventurous mode of transportation.

Potos Car Rentals has implemented strategies to remain competitive. They have focused on providing excellent customer service, ensuring that their staff members are native English, German, Czech or Polish speakers who have been with the company for over 20 years. This language proficiency and experience contribute to a positive customer experience, making customers feel comfortable and cared for. The company has emphasized convenience for its customers. They have established car-hire stations at the two largest airports in northern Greece, making it easy for customers to collect their vehicles directly from the airport upon arrival. They have also provided pick-up and return services to hotels on Thassos Island, further enhancing the convenience factor for travelers.

Potos car rental Parking

Potos Car Rentals has also been proactive in embracing technology and online platforms. They have developed an easy and quick online booking system, allowing customers to book holiday cars in four simple steps. They have built trust and transparency with their customers by offering transparent and final prices with no hidden costs. The company has engaged with customers through social media platforms like Facebook, providing updates on discount coupons, special offers, and time-limited promotions throughout the year. This approach helps to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Where is Potos Car Rentals now?

Potos Car Rentals is located in Astris, Thassos, Greece. We have branch offices in Limenas, Skala Prinos, Potos, Golden Beach, Skala Potamia, and Limenaria. We have branches at Thessaloniki International Airport and Kavala Airport in northern Greece.

How many Employees does Potos Car Rentals have?

Potos Car Rentals has 25 employees. These employees handle various aspects of the business, including customer service, vehicle maintenance, administrative tasks, and marketing efforts. The company values its staff and invests in their training and development to ensure they deliver the highest standards of professionalism and efficiency.

Potos car rental in Limenas

Where are Potos Car Rentals stations located?

Listed below are the Potos Car Rentals stations located:

  • Astris: Potos Car Rentals has a station in Astris where you can pick up or return your car for free. You can also enjoy the beautiful beach of Astris, which has clear water and fine sand. Astris is close to some of the most popular attractions on Thassos, such as the Archangel Michael Monastery and the Giola natural pool.
  • Limenas: Potos Car Rentals has an office at the port of Limenas, where you can collect your car directly from the ferry. You can also visit the archaeological museum, the ancient theater, and the old market of Limenas, which showcase Thassos's rich history and culture. Limenas is also a good base for exploring the rest of the island, as it has easy access to the main road network.
  • Skala Prinos: Potos Car Rentals has a station at the port of Skala Prinos, where you can get your car as soon as you arrive on Thassos. You can also enjoy the local taverns, cafes, and shops of Skala Prinos or take a boat trip to the nearby island of Thasopoula. Skala Prinos is also close to some of the most scenic villages on Thassos, such as Theologos and Kazaviti.
  • Potos: Potos Car Rentals' very first office was founded in Potos. Here you can enjoy the nightlife, the beach, and the water sports of Potos or visit the nearby sights of Limenaria, Aliki, and Psili Ammos. Potos is a great choice for fun and memorable holidays on Thassos.
  • Golden Beach: Potos Car Rentals has a station in Golden Beach where you can rent a car and explore the beauty of Thassos. You can also relax, sunbathe, and swim on the beach, or try some of the activities and facilities available, such as beach bars, restaurants, and water sports. Golden Beach is also near some of the villages on Thassos, such as Panagia and Potamia.
  • Skala Potamia: Potos Car Rentals has also an office in Skala Potamia located at the center. You can rent a car from there and explore the island's attractions, such as the ancient theater and the archaeological museum in Limenas. You can also enjoy the natural beauty of the island, such as the trekking paths of Potamia and the pine forests of Panagia.
  • Limenaria: Potos Car Rentals has an office in Limenaria, at the entrance of the village. You can rent a car from there, drive along the scenic coastal road, or visit the nearby villages of Kastro, Maries, and Theologos.
  • Thessaloniki - International Airport Macedonia (SKG): Potos Car Rentals offers a convenient pick-up and return service at the Thessaloniki International Airport Macedonia (SKG), which is 15 kilometers (9.32 miles) from the city center. You can rent a car from there and drive to Thassos island, which is 200 kilometers (124.3 miles) away, or explore other destinations in northern Greece, such as Chalkidiki, Kavala, or Mount Olympus.
  • Kavala - Megas Alexandros Airport (KVA): Potos Car Rentals offers a convenient pick-up and return service at the Kavala Megas Alexandros Airport (KVA), which is 30 kilometers (18.65 miles) from the city center. You can rent a car from there and drive to Thassos island, which is 40 kilometers (24.86 miles) away, or visit other nearby attractions, such as the Nestos River, Lake Vistonida, or the island of Thasos.

What is the mission and vision of Potos Car Rentals?

Potos Car Rentals' mission is to offer their customers the best car rental value, with new ideas and innovations to enhance service and increase customer satisfaction. Their vision is to be the leading car rental company in the region, with a large fleet of vehicles, convenient pick-up locations, and a caring and supportive work environment for their employees. They aim to serve their communities as a committed corporate citizen and contribute to a sustainable, clean-energy future.

Potos car rental in Limenas

Why Choose Potos Car Rentals?

Renting a car in Potos Car Rental means you can choose from a wide range of vehicles, expect competitive rates with flexible rental options, and enjoy a convenient booking process. We have a diverse fleet of well-maintained vehicles to cater to your specific needs and preferences, whether traveling solo, with your family, or in a group. We have the perfect vehicle for every occasion, from compact cars for city exploration to spacious SUVs for adventurous road trips.

Whether you need a vehicle for a day, a week, or longer, we offer flexible rental options to suit your schedule and budget. Choose from short-term rentals for quick getaways or long-term rentals for extended stays on the island. We're here to accommodate your needs and make your car hire experience as convenient as possible. Reserving your rental car with Potos Car Rentals is quick, easy, and convenient. Simply select your desired vehicle, choose your rental dates, and complete your booking in just a few clicks. You can also contact our customer support team for assistance or special requests. We believe that quality transportation should be accessible to everyone. You can trust that you're getting excellent value with Potos Car Rentals.

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Our seven branch offices on Thassos together with Thessaloniki and Kavala Airport branches guarantees you are never far from Potos Car Rentals cars and services.