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What to do in Thassos: Day Trip to Theologos Village!

What to do in Thassos: Alongside the natural beautiful beaches Thassos has to offer, there is a long rich history and tradition to discover as well.  If you wish to get to know Greek culture better and its mentality, you should leave touristic and crowded places like Marble Beach and Giola and drive to the traditional mountain villages where you will travel back in time and you will live an unforgettable experience!

Theologos is the largest traditional mountain village on Thassos, the old capital of the island and is the best start to induct yourself in the authentic Thassian culture!

What to do in Thassos – Theologos village – Location

The village is located just 10 kilometers from Potos and 50 kilometres from Limenas (Thassos Town) and is built at an altitude of 240 metres.  The village does not have a petrol station so make sure you fill your tank in Potos or at our petrol station in Astris.

Taking the road North from the main crossroad in Potos you will be amazed at the views as you drive through the plane trees, enjoying all the natural beauty this journey has to offer. Please don’t forget to always drive slowly as goats could be taking their lunch somewhere next to the road…

After a short drive you will arrive at Theologos facing two roads one right and one left.  Choose the right road and park your car immediately after you enter the village at the free parking area on the right hand side.  It is advisable not to drive through the village as the roads become very narrow with no chance to park your car in a safe place.

blue house at Theologos village

Walking is by far the best way to discover the village with its small paths and admire the traditional Thassian architecture. The village consists of traditional stone houses with beautiful gardens and yards.

traditional stone house in Theologos

charming macedonian house in Theologos


The first mention of the area was made in 1287 when the Emperor of Byzantium, Andronikos II, reported the existence of a monastery dedicated to the Evangelist and Theologian, John, from which the village was named.

A few years after, following the fall of Constantinople near Theologos, refugee settlements were created.  During Ottoman domination, Turkish settlers settled in Theologos at the end of the 15th and the beginning of the 16th century.

On 30th March 1813, along with the rest of Thassos, Muhammet Ali of Egypt was granted the Ottoman Empire to maintain its sovereign rights on the island.  At the beginning of 1902, a protest against the limitation of the privileges enjoyed by the residents took place, which was violently suppressed by the Egyptian administration, leading to the death of two protesters.

In the same year, Thassos once again passed the absolute control of the Ottomans and according to a census conducted by Theologos it was the largest settlement of Thassos with 2450 inhabitants.  Theologos was released along with the rest of Thassos on 18th October 1912.  In 1979 it was proclaimed a traditional preserved settlement (Source: Wikipedia).

What to do in Thassos – Theologos Sightseeing

To learn more about the history you can visit the folklore museum, which is situated at the center of Theologos.  It is open every day from 10:00-16:00.  For more information  please read our previous blog.

Another must visit is the two big churches in the village Agios Dimitrios (built in 1803), and Agia Paraskevi (built in 1843).  You will meet first Agios Dimitrios turning right after the Tavern Tsikna.  The church has wonderful old icons and it is open every day until 18:00 pm.  After you have visited the church take the stone path down and in 300 metres you will face a wonderful stone bridge.

The Stone Bridge of Theologos is one of the sites of the cultural heritage of Thassos.  It is preserved to this day in extremely good condition and is easily accessible to the visitors of the village, by taking a delightful short walk through the lush natural landscape.

It is a sample of the traditional architecture that dominated the Greek countryside during the 19th and 20th centuries.  Arched, brick-built, with their two edges “rocking” on rocky, solid ground and according to surviving information, it was built in 1917 by Avgous Komliki.

The Stone Bridge of the Theologian was intended to overcome the problem of the ever-booming winter torrent of the village, which was indispensable for animals and humans, which used to exclude them from their fields and estates in Astrida and Thimonia’s beach.

After a walk, time for a break!  Drink a Greek coffee or a glass of Ouzo and try a meze under the shadow of a lovely traditional tavern.  It is no secret that in Theologos you can eat the best meat dishes on the island!

Theologos also boasts a wonderful shop which sells handmade leather sandals made traditionally on site.  The shop is open from 10:00-13:00 and from 18:00-21:00.  Why not buy a pair of sandals as a gift or as a reminder of your holidays on Thassos?

handmade greek sandals

By the end of the day, take a stroll to the watermill which is located at the end of the village.  It is a peaceful place to relax under the plane trees and admire the natural beauty of your surroundings.  At the watermill homemade dishes can also be found.

Neromylos tavern in Theologos entrance of Neromilos tavern plane tree at Theologos village

What to do in Thassos – Celebration of Thassian Wedding

Last but not least if you are visiting Thassos in the middle of August is the revival of the custom of a Thassian wedding which takes place in Theologos.  During the celebrations you will find traditional dance groups dancing and this offers a great opportunity to learn the Thassian dances and have an evening with plenty of Greek wine and Souvlaki!

Girl with traditional greek costume

children dance traditional greek music

Need more reasons to visit Theologos?

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If you do visit Theologos, please comment below on your favourite places and send us your pictures of this magical village!  We would be very happy to know your recommendations as well!

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