Is Thassos worth visiting?

Is Thassos worth visiting? By Mr. Torben Olesen

Is Thassos worth visiting?

Dear Konstantina, Olga and Diamandis,

Of course I am happy to contribute to the marketing of your company and the fantastic island of Thassos. See you soon and we hope you will provide us with one of your excellent cars next time as well.

If you want to fully enjoy all the beautiful and the secret “hard to find” places of Thassos, you have to rent a car to get around.

Is Thassos worth visiting? What I love about Thassos!

We have been visiting Thassos and its friendly people for the last 25 years. Every year we look for new places, beaches, hidden villages in the mountains, archaeological sites and peaceful spots all over the island. “We ain’t seen nothing yet”!

The island is full of undiscovered beautiful spots. More important for us, is that the people of Thassos have always been very welcoming and friendly. We have many friends on the island now and we are very thankful that we have had the opportunity to be a part of their lives.

Is Thassos worth visiting? My experience with Potos Car Rentals

We have been clients with Potos Car Rentals for many years and we have always enjoyed their excellent service, fine cars, reasonable prices and not to mention a good relationship with the Dalgiannaki family, who always take good care of us.

Is Thassos worth visiting? Best places to visit

We would like to recommend some places to visit and I hope it will be “our” secret, so that it won’t get the same magnetic and sad attention as Giola! When we found Giola 20 years ago, it was an unspoiled clean beautiful place, peaceful and no people. I realize the contradiction in this statement, but still there are many ways of visiting and behaving as a tourist. Preserve and protect nature and treat the local people with respect! Remember you are a guest and behave like one.

Places we like to visit and therefore recommend:


a peaceful mountain village with the most stunning views to the mainland. Only one taverna in the village situated on the square below enormous old platana trees. Here you can enjoy an evening in the good atmosphere.


the old shipyard in Limenas with a small chapel on the rock above. A good place to dive and you can also take a walk to the Acropolis and the ancient theatre from here.

– Kekes Skidia

a lovely place on the southeastern rocky coast not far from Aliki. You can have a swim and enjoy a good lunch here, I can recommend fresh calamari! A very friendly family runs the place. During the fire in Sep. 2016 the area was severely damaged but already now nature shows us how strong it is. Green vegetation pops up everywhere.

– A trip in the mountains

where you can find beautiful views and scenery, Ipsario and surroundings, old chapels such as Rachoni and Sotiras, the waterfalls at Maries (the waterfalls are only possible if you have a 4×4 car). Drive from Thimonia Tower to Theologos over the mountains (this also requires a 4×4).

Hopefully you will have a nice holiday on Thassos. Enjoy the splendours of the island and please remember that you are only a guest.