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Stavros Beach Guide: Activities, Directions and Car Rental

Stavros Beach is located in the town of Stavros in northern Greece, offering visitors a delightful coastal escape. Situated approximately 70 kilometres southeast of Thessaloniki, this beach is a hidden gem that combines natural beauty with a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Stretching for 10 kilometres, Stavros Beach features a beautiful shoreline divided into two parts by a small port and dock. The city beach on the left side, facing the sea, features a vast expanse of sandy shoreline with a few metres of stones near the water. On the right side, known as Platani, the beach narrows down and showcases a mixture of sand and tiny pebbles. The beach is well-arranged and offers convenient amenities such as showers, changing rooms, and accessible facilities for disabled individuals. Several beachside cafes provide complimentary sunbeds and umbrellas with a drink or coffee.

The surrounding hills and abundant forests enhance Stavros Beach’s scenic beauty, creating a refreshing atmosphere. The area benefits from a pleasant climate and is acclaimed as an air spa, combining the healing properties of sea vapours and clean air. While Stavros Beach may not possess the iconic postcard-perfect image, it is an excellent base for exploring the wider area and nearby attractions.

For those seeking adventure and exploration, Stavros Beach offers a range of activities to suit various interests. The crystal-clear waters are perfect for swimming, and the calm conditions make it an ideal spot for snorkelling, allowing visitors to discover the lively marine life beneath the surface. The surrounding hills and forests provide enough hiking and walking opportunities, offering breathtaking views and hidden trails to explore.

The best time to visit Stavros Beach is during the summer, from June to September, when the weather is warm and sunny. The sea temperatures are ideal for swimming, and the atmosphere is vibrant, with tourists and locals enjoying the beach. For a more peaceful experience, consider visiting in the shoulder seasons of late spring (May) and early autumn (October), when the weather is still pleasant, the sea remains warm, and the beaches are less crowded. Additionally, the shoulder seasons often provide more affordable prices for accommodations and services, making it a budget-friendly option for travellers.

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What is Stavros Beach?

Stavros Beach in Thessaloniki is a beautiful coastal area approximately 70 kilometres from the city. The beach stretches for 10 kilometres and is divided into two parts by a small port and dock. The left side of the beach, facing the sea, represents the city beach and offers an expansive sandy shoreline with stones in the first few meters of the water. The right side, known as Platani, narrows down and features a mix of sand and tiny pebbles. Stavros Beach is generally well-arranged and offers amenities such as showers, changing rooms, lifeguards, and accessibility for disabled individuals. Several cafes along the coast provide free sunbeds and umbrellas with the purchase of a drink or coffee. Stavros Beach is suitable for families and individuals, with sandy areas ideal for children and plenty of space for personal equipment.

Stavros Beach is part of Strimonikos Bay and benefits from the surrounding hills and abundant forests. It enjoys a pleasant climate and is known as an air spa, combining sea vapour and clean air for a refreshing stay. The area also provides beautiful bay views, including Stavros, Vrasna, Asprovalta, and the 10-kilometre-long beach. While Stavros Beach may not have the picture-perfect aspect, it is a good starting point for exploring the wider area, including nearby attractions such as the Waterland water park, Stagira (Aristotle’s birthplace), Kakovo Monastery, and the beautiful beaches near Olympiada.

Where is Stavros Beach located?

Stavros Beach is located in the town of Stavros, which is situated in Strimonikos Bay in northern Greece and approximately 70 kilometres southeast of Thessaloniki. To reach Stavros Beach, one can travel by various means. If arriving by air, the nearest airport is Thessaloniki International Airport “Macedonia” (SKG), which is approximately 40 minutes away by car. Visitors can take the E75/A25 highway from the airport towards Nea Moudania and follow the signs to Stavros. Alternatively, those travelling by bus can take a direct bus from Thessaloniki to Stavros, with several departures throughout the day. Additionally, driving by car is convenient, with well-marked roads leading to Stavros from Thessaloniki and other nearby destinations.

How does the Stavros Beach Map look?

Find below on the image a map of Stavros Beach.

Stavros Beach Maps

What are the activities in Stavros Beach?

Stavros Beach offers a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy. The crystal-clear waters make it an ideal spot for swimming, where tourists can cool off and relax in the refreshing sea. Snorkelling is another popular activity, allowing individuals to explore the underwater world and discover the vibrant marine life beneath the surface. The calm and clear conditions of the water in Stavros make it an excellent location for snorkelling experts. Additionally, the surrounding hills and forests provide opportunities for hiking and nature walks, where visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery, discover hidden trails, and experience the relaxation of the area. Stavros Beach caters to both water and nature lovers, offering a range of activities to suit various interests and ensuring an enjoyable and memorable experience for all.

When is the best time to visit Stavros Beach?

The best time to visit Stavros Beach is summer, particularly from June to September. The weather is warm and sunny during this period, perfect for enjoying the beach and water activities. The sea temperatures are pleasant for swimming, and the atmosphere is lively with tourists and locals. If preferring to avoid crowds and enjoy a more peaceful experience, it is advisable to visit Stavros Beach in the shoulder seasons of late spring (May) and early autumn (October). The weather is still pleasant during these times, and the sea remains warm enough for swimming. The beaches are generally less crowded, allowing for a more relaxed beach experience. Moreover, prices for accommodation and services are often lower during the shoulder seasons, making it a favourable time for budget-conscious travellers.

How was the preservation of Stavros Beach?

The preservation of Stavros Beach has been a priority to safeguard its natural beauty and ensure its long-term sustainability. Efforts have been made to maintain the beach’s cleanliness and protect the surrounding ecosystem. The local authorities have implemented measures to manage waste effectively, including providing adequate facilities such as changing rooms, showers, and toilets. These amenities help ensure visitor comfort while minimising the impact on the environment. Additionally, initiatives promoting responsible tourism and environmental education have been introduced to raise awareness among visitors about the importance of preserving Stavros Beach’s natural resources.

What are nearby attractions in Stavros Beach?

Listed below are the best attractions near Stavros Beach:

  • Mount Athos: Mount Athos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an important spiritual centre for Orthodox Christianity. While access to the monastic community is restricted to male pilgrims, visitors can take boat tours to admire the stunning coastal scenery and observe the monasteries from a distance.
  • Olympiada: Olympiada is a coastal village near Stavros Beach with a charming atmosphere and scenic surroundings. Visitors can explore ancient ruins, including the ancient city of Stagira, the birthplace of philosopher Aristotle. The village also features beautiful beaches, waterfront taverns, and opportunities for water sports.
  • Asprovalta: Asprovalta is a popular resort town known for its beautiful sandy beaches and lively atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy various water activities, relax on the beach, and explore the town’s shops, restaurants, and nightlife. Asprovalta also hosts multiple cultural events and festivals during the summer months.
  • Kakavos Monastery: Kakavos Monastery is a historic religious site that dates back to the 11th century and is known for its stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Visitors can explore the monastery, admire its beautiful architecture, and experience a peaceful retreat-like atmosphere.

How do you get to Stavros Beach?

To get to Stavros Beach, there are several transportation options available. If travelling from Thessaloniki, the easiest way to reach Stavros Beach is by car. Take the E75/A25 highway towards Nea Moudania from Thessaloniki, continue on the road until the Stavros exit, and follow the signs to the town and the beach. The journey takes approximately 1 hour, depending on traffic conditions. Another option is to take a bus from Thessaloniki to Stavros. Buses depart regularly from the Macedonia Intercity Bus Station in Thessaloniki. The bus ride takes 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the route and stops. For those who prefer the flexibility to explore at their own pace, car rental companies like Potos Car Rentals operate in Thessaloniki. They often provide the option to pick up a car at the airport or city centre.

What are the factors to consider before renting a car in Thessaloniki?

Listed below are the factors to consider before renting a car in Thessaloniki.

  • Insurance: Car rental insurance is important, as it protects a passenger against the cost of damage when renting a car. Thessaloniki car rental includes insurance for collision damage waiver, and a driver’s credit or debit card is required as a guarantee.
  • Driver’s age: The legal age requirement when driving in Thessaloniki is 18. The driver must have a valid driving licence and essential documents like an ID or passport.
  • Driver’s gender: Both women and men can drive in Thessaloniki. As long as the driver is of the legal age of 18, driving is permitted in Thessaloniki, regardless of gender.
  • Car type: Travelling with groups or family members requires a much bigger car. Car rental companies in Thessaloniki offer a variety of vehicles to choose from. Selecting a smaller car is best when driving in Thessaloniki. The reason for that is that some Greek roads are narrow. The car type is one important factor in choosing the right car to rent in Thessaloniki.
  • Documents needed for renting a car: One important document required for renting a vehicle is a valid driving licence. However, a credit or debit card may also be presented, including a passport or an ID card.

How much does a car rental in Thessaloniki cost?

Thessaloniki is best travelled using a rented vehicle. Tourists may quickly get to Thessaloniki’s top destinations using a rented car. Thessaloniki car rental costs vary depending on the number of persons, itinerary, car type, destination, and duration. The average car rental price in Thessaloniki is around €30 to €40 per day. A car rented for a whole week will cost an average of €250. Renting a vehicle for the weekend will cost around €78. Thessaloniki car rental rates differ depending on the car type. Car rental companies offer a variety of cars depending on customers’ liking. Most Thessaloniki car rentals provide an online booking system whenever customers want to book a car. Simply follow the process and instantly book a vehicle on their website. Before availing of a rental car service in Thessaloniki, check and secure all the requirements.

How much does it cost to get to Stavros Beach?

Stavros Beach is free to access as it is a public beach.  The costs of visiting the beach mainly depend on the chosen transportation options. Consider the rental fee, fuel expenses, and potential tolls when renting a car. On average, car rentals can range from €30 to €40 per day. Opting for a bus ride from Thessaloniki to Stavros Beach is a more affordable alternative, with one-way bus tickets typically priced between €10 and €20 per person. Taxi costs will depend on distance, number of passengers, and additional services. It is advisable to contact local transfer companies or search online platforms to obtain quotes for private transfers from Thessaloniki to Stavros Beach.

Where to stay near Stavros Beach?

Listed below are the best hotels to stay near Stavros Beach:

  • Lotos Apartments: Lotos Apartments is located in Stavros, 50m from the beach and about 80m from the city centre. It offers studios for 2-3 people and duplex apartments for 4-5 people. Guests can use a beautifully landscaped courtyard with a shared barbecue and a private parking lot across the road.
  • Maria Lux Apartments: Maria Lux Apartments is one of the few luxurious buildings in Stavros. It’s ideal for couples and travellers looking for a peaceful vacation in a superb location, close to the beach, only 100m away. It offers studios for 2-4 persons with facilities including a swimming pool, poolside bar and a snack bar. Pets are allowed, with a mandatory booking request.
  • Rihios Hotel: Rihios Hotel is located in the new part of Stavros, in a quiet location, at about 40m from the beach and about 850m from the city centre. It has standard rooms for 2-3 people and family rooms for up to four. Facilities include a pool, a poolside bar, a children’s playground, an elevator and a private parking

Where to eat near Stavros Beach?

Listed below are the best restaurants near Stavros Beach:

  • Kalamatianos: Kalamatianos is a traditional Greek tavern located near Stavros Beach. It offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with indoor and outdoor seating options. The menu features a variety of Greek dishes, including fresh seafood, grilled meats, and traditional appetisers. Visitors can enjoy authentic Greek flavours and hospitality while viewing the surrounding area.
  • Kotopoula Adelfia: Kotopoula Adelfia is a popular restaurant in Stavros known for its delicious grilled chicken dishes. It offers a casual dining experience with both indoor and outdoor seating. The menu includes a variety of grilled chicken options, as well as Greek salads, mezes, and other traditional Greek dishes. The restaurant is known for its generous portions and friendly service, making it a favourite among locals and visitors.
  • Don Quixote: Don Quixote is a cosy restaurant near Stavros Beach, offering a mix of Greek and international cuisine. The menu features a range of dishes, from fresh seafood to pasta and pizza. The restaurant has a charming ambience and a spacious outdoor terrace, perfect for enjoying a meal with friends or family. Don Quixote also offers vegetarian and vegan options, catering to different dietary preferences.

Is Stavros Beach worth visiting?

Yes, Stavros Beach is worth visiting. It offers a beautiful sandy coastline, clear waters, and a relaxed atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for beach lovers. The beach is family-friendly, with shallow waters and various amenities such as beach bars, cafes, and sunbeds available for visitors’ convenience.

For those seeking the best beaches in Thessaloniki, Stavros Beach stands as a remarkable destination that promises relaxation, natural beauty, and cherished memories. Don’t miss the chance to experience the allure of this coastal gem on your next trip to the region.

Is Stavros Beach safe?

Yes, Stavros Beach is safe for visitors. Stavros Beach is well-organised and provides all the necessary facilities for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Lifeguards are present in the bay area, adding an extra layer of safety. However, practising standard safety precautions while swimming at the beach is always important, such as paying attention to warning flags, staying within designated areas, and being mindful of your surroundings.

Do you need to book in advance to visit Stavros Beach?

No, you do not need to book to visit Stavros Beach in advance. It is a public beach with no reservation or entry requirements. However, if planning to stay at a nearby accommodation or see any specific facilities or attractions in the area, making reservations or bookings in advance is advisable to secure the desired dates and availability.

Are children permitted at Stavros Beach?

Yes, children are permitted at Stavros Beach. Stavros Beach is open to the public and welcomes visitors of all ages, including children. Stavros Beach’s calm and shallow waters make it suitable for children to swim and play. However, as with any beach, it’s important to supervise children and ensure their safety while they are in the water