Thassos Urlaub Erfahrungsbericht

Thassos Urlaub Erfahrungsbericht bei Ursula Hof

Ich liebe Thassos, und ich liebe die Freundlichkeit und Herzlichkeit seiner Bewohner! Continue reading “Thassos Urlaub Erfahrungsbericht bei Ursula Hof”

best area to stay in thassos

Best area to stay in Thassos: Find quieter places!

Best area to stay in Thassos: As we are going through the “high season” of the summer we thought it would be useful, especially for first time visitors, to inform them which we feel are the quieter places or let’s say the less touristic areas on the island, in order to make sure that everyone will have a relaxing and peaceful holiday on our beautiful island even in August! Continue reading “Best area to stay in Thassos: Find quieter places!”

Is Thassos worth visiting?

Is Thassos worth visiting? By Mr. Torben Olesen

Is Thassos worth visiting?

Dear Konstantina, Olga and Diamandis,

Of course I am happy to contribute to the marketing of your company and the fantastic island of Thassos. See you soon and we hope you will provide us with one of your excellent cars next time as well.

If you want to fully enjoy all the beautiful and the secret “hard to find” places of Thassos, you have to rent a car to get around. Continue reading “Is Thassos worth visiting? By Mr. Torben Olesen”

TOP 5 family beaches in Thassos

Best Family Beaches in Thassos – Top 5 Beaches

Best family beaches in Thassos: Are you travelling with your children to Thassos and are you looking for nice beaches around the island?  Whether you’re ready to build the ultimate sand castle, take on the waves or catch a sunset together, these top beaches have it all for families. Continue reading “Best Family Beaches in Thassos – Top 5 Beaches”

holidays in may

Holiday in Thassos in May! Why May is a good time!

Holiday in Thassos in May: If you choose to visit Thassos in May you are in for a wonderful experience. Continue reading “Holiday in Thassos in May! Why May is a good time!”

greece thassos

Greece Thassos: 25 random things about Thassos!

Greece Thassos-Did you know that…

1. Greece Thassos – Name:

The son of Phoenix and leader of the Phoenicians Thasos/Thasus gave his name to the island during their colonisation.

2. Greece Thassos – Location

Thassos is the northernmost Greek island, and 12th largest.

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thassos day trips

Thassos day trips – Top 5 Mountain Villages

Thassos day trips: If you come to Thassos and you don’t visit at least one traditional mountain village for a Greek coffee at a kafeneio (café) or for a delicious meal of lamb or kid on the spit at a taverna then it’s like you didn’t come! But which villages to visit and what to expect from each place? …read our new post below to find out! Continue reading “Thassos day trips – Top 5 Mountain Villages”

what to visit in thassos

Top 4+1 Museums to visit in Thassos

What to visit in Thassos: Thassos has more than just beautiful beaches with emerald waters and magnificent mountains to offer. You can also find a rich archaeological and cultural background dating back to ancient times. You can get a glimpse of our cultural heritage in some of the museums dotted around the island. Don’t miss the opportunity if you are holidaying on Thassos! Continue reading “Top 4+1 Museums to visit in Thassos”

Best off-road places in Thassos

Best off-road places in Thassos to visit by Jeep 4×4

Discover the best off road places in Thassos

Thassos has a paved (asphalt) road network, in the main in reasonable to good condition, which lets you get around the island and visit all of the mountain villages.

Of course Thassos has many other spectacular places to visit which are not accessible from the ring road or any of the paved arterial roads. There is a whole network of unpaved roads which gives you the chance to discover the ‘other side of Thassos’!

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top 5 beaches in thassos

Top 5 beaches in Thassos you must visit!

Top 5 beaches in Thassos: There is no doubt that Thassos has some of the most beautiful and clean beaches in the Aegean Sea! Whether you are looking for sandy exotic beaches or rocky coves for snorkeling and diving to get a glimpse of the fascinating marine life on offer, Thassos has something for everyone! Small or large, organized or secluded, sandy or pebbles, the beaches of Thassos make for a perfect long day under the Greek sun. We have selected 5 beaches which we love, of course there are dozens of others! Continue reading “Top 5 beaches in Thassos you must visit!”