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Quad Bike Rental Thassos: 10+2 things to know!

Quad Bike Rental Thassos: ATVs have become very popular and a common sight on the Greek islands, they are great fun and if ridden safely and properly will give you a different experience that you will remember for years to come!

But why is this vehicle so popular and what you have to know before renting an ATV? Keep reading to find out!

Let’s start from the basics…

Quad Bike Rental Thassos-What is exactly an ATV?

An ATV is an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), also known as a quad, quad bike, four-wheeler or quadricycle that travels on low-pressure tires, with a seat that is straddled by the operator, along with handlebars for steering control. Basically a hybrid between a car and a motorcycle.

Quad Bike Rental Thassos – What are the requirements to rent an ATV?

First of all, the driver must be over 23 years old and must have a valid driving license for at least two years. Maximum rental age is 75 years old.

Quad Bike Rental Thassos – If I haven’t driven an ATV should I rent one?

Yes, ATVS are very easy to ride! It may take a couple of kilometers to get used to the feel but they are simplicity itself to ride!

What to watch out if it’s my first time?

Our team experts at our ATV Centers in Limenaria and Skala Potamia will explain you everything that you need to know, no one is sent out on an ATV without a basic lesson and a guide as to what not to do! Always drive slowly and wear your helmet! If you are not confident, you can try out the basic controls and handling in our parking spaces before you go on the main roads.

Quad Bike Rental Thassos – What ATV do you recommend?

The models that we operate are the automatics Kymco MXU Greenline and the MXU 250 R. Both are 250 cc and have a luggage storage for your belongings. The Kymco MXU R is a slightly larger machine with a wider and longer wheelbase and a longer saddle which makes it more comfortable for 2 people.

How many passengers can ride on an ATV?

Each ATV can carry on a maximum of 2 people. The carriage of more than 2 people is prohibited, it doesn’t matter how small you, your passenger and your child is! Children are considered as passengers.

*Please note that in case we see on one of our ATV more than 2 people we have the right to immediately collect the ATV with no refund.

When do you think is the best time to ride?

You can rent an ATV from May to the start of October. In the beginning and end of the summer be prepared for cooler weather, particularly at night, and have at least a jacket with you.

Can you drive the ATV down on the beach or in the water?

You can drive only on the asphalt and you may visit at our discretion Marble Beach or Paradise Beach on Thassos. Driving in the mountains or in the water is strictly forbidden! Taking any motorised vehicle onto a beach in Greece is illegal and will earn you a heavy fine!

What do I wear?

Always were your HELMET!! We provide helmets in the rental price. Please take care of the helmets and bring them back as you took them, remember your or somebody elses life may depend on them! Damaged helmets cannot be repaired or reused and must be replaced at your expense. The replacement cost for a helmet is €60 and the visor €15.

Apart from the helmets, it is advisable to wear closed shoes and a shirt. It can be very painful when a bee or wasp connects with bare skin at speed! Also you don’t notice the strength of the sun and if riding all day you can get very sunburnt!

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Quad Bike Rental Thassos – How long do people normally ride for?

You can rent the ATV for 24 hours. Most of the people rent it in the morning and bring it back in the night.

Quad Bike Rental Thassos – What to do in case of a break down or an accident?

Stay calm and contact us immediately on the emergency numbers we provide you. Our assistants will come to help you as fast as possible.

Also kindly be informed that ATVs are rented with CDW – Collision Damage Waiver (3rd party insurance) only and there is no option to upgrade the insurance, this is included in the rental price. If you are responsible for an accident or damage to the vehicle, you will be responsible for the reparation of all damage.

*For more info read please our ATV rental terms here

What are some good places to visit with the ATV?

Thassos has many nice places to visit. The west side of the island has more wide roads and less curves in compare to the east. If you want to avoid the busy ring roads you can take a ride to Maries, Kastro, Theologos or any of the mountain villages where it is easier to get around the narrow village streets with an ATV!

Those were our top 10+2 things to know before renting an ATV! We hope you find our post helpful and that we persuaded you to have a ride with one of our ATVs on your next holidays on Thassos!

Always drive safe and have fun!