Aeolus yachting on Thassos

Thassos Yacht – Aeolus Yachting

Thassos Yacht: Once you arrive on the northern most Aegean island in Greece, also known as the emerald island you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to plan a trip, make a tour, discover the beauties of the island, get to know the people and the culture, try something new!

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Best beaches for snorkeling in Thassos – top 5 beaches

Best beaches for snorkeling in Thassos: Apart from offering great wild nature Thassos also has an amazing underwater life to discover!

Whether you are looking for small fish, octopus, shells or even starfish and sea anemones, the underwater sea life will fascinate you! But which beaches are the most appropriate for snorkeling?  Read our new blog post to find out! Continue reading “Best beaches for snorkeling in Thassos – top 5 beaches”

best family beaches in thassos

Best Family Beaches in Thassos – Top 5 Beaches

Best family beaches in Thassos: Are you travelling with your children to Thassos and are you looking for nice beaches around the island?  Whether you’re ready to build the ultimate sand castle, take on the waves or catch a sunset together, these top beaches have it all for families. Continue reading “Best Family Beaches in Thassos – Top 5 Beaches”

Quad Bike Rental Thassos

Quad Bike Rental Thassos: 10+2 things to know!

Quad Bike Rental Thassos: ATVs have become very popular and a common sight on the Greek islands, they are great fun and if ridden safely and properly will give you a different experience that you will remember for years to come!

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thassos car hire

Thassos Car Hire: Tips for safe driving!

Thassos Car Hire:

Can I rent a car in thassos?
Is driving on Thassos easy?
What do I have to know about driving on the island?
Are any special rules or differences in comparison to other EU countries?
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Nice landscapes of Thassos

Greece Thassos: 25 random things about Thassos!

Greece Thassos-Did you know that…

1. Greece Thassos – Name:

The son of Phoenix and leader of the Phoenicians Thasos/Thasus gave his name to the island during their colonisation.

2. Greece Thassos – Location

Thassos is the northernmost Greek island, and 12th largest.

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group of people dancing greek folk muisc

Celebrations in Thassos – Feasts and Festivals must see!

Celebrations in Thassos: The Greek festivals, known as „panigiri“ in Greek are definitely something not to miss during your holidays on Thassos!

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livadi beach

Holidays to Thassos: make them more affordable!

Holidays to Thassos-Greece: Greece is a paradise for your summer holidays, it’s hard to find such diversity elsewhere. Greece is more than our ancient history and culture, the wonderful beaches, the delicious food, Greece truly has something for everyone and at a price to suit your pocket! Where you choose from one of the hundreds of islands or the awe inspiring mainland!

Thassos – Airports:

Thassos, one of the most special islands, also known as the Emerald Island, is well worth visiting. Situated in the North Aegean sea, a short ‘hop’ from the mainland and very convenient for either Kavala Airport – KVA (20 minutes to the closest ferry port) or Thessaloniki International Airport – SKG (a comfortable, less than 2 hour drive/transfer, to Keramoti or Kavala for the ferry boat). Thessaloniki Airport is the second largest airport in Greece and because of that has the added advantage of more incoming routes and a wide choice of carriers, from budget airlines to major national airlines.

Once you have decided how you want to get here, the next step is to decide on what kind of accommodation you want, and which part of the island you would prefer to stay at.

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ancient amphitheater in Limenas

What to visit in Thassos: Top 4+1 Museums

What to visit in Thassos: Thassos has more than just beautiful beaches with emerald waters and magnificent mountains to offer. You can also find a rich archaeological and cultural background dating back to ancient times. You can get a glimpse of our cultural heritage in some of the museums dotted around the island. Don’t miss the opportunity if you are holidaying on Thassos! Continue reading “What to visit in Thassos: Top 4+1 Museums”