car hire in thassos

Car Hire in Thassos – Top 10 + 1 Questions!

You asked we answered! Please find below the most frequently asked questions when hiring a car in Thassos, at Kavala Airport (KVA) or Thessaloniki Airport (SKG).

1. Do I need to have a credit card or leave a security deposit when I hire a car in Thassos?

NO, we do not operate with deposits. When you hire a car in Thassos you pay just the cost of the rental at the pick up of the car.

2. Can I pay with my credit or debit card?

YES, we accept Visa & Mastercard.

3. Can I take the car on the ferry boats to Thassos when I hire a car?

YES, for airport rentals. For rentals from and returning to any of our offices on Thassos island, you will need our permission to take a car on the ferry boats.

4. Do you provide baby and children’s seats?

YES, boosters are free of charge. Just tell us your requirements at the time of booking.

5. Can we have more than one named driver and is there a charge for this?

YES, you can have a maximum of 2 named drivers, we do not charge for this. Please note if there are two named drivers, both must have valid drivers documents and must sign the rental agreement.

6. Can you deliver the car to our hotel?

YES, we can either deliver the car to your hotel or collect you and take you to our nearest branch office. This is a free service.

7. Do you have cancellation fees in case that I have to cancel my reservation?

NO, we do not collect booking deposits, but ask that if you have to cancel your booking you let us know by telephone or email as soon as possible. 8. Do I have to pay extra for the fuel?

8. Do I have to pay extra for the fuel?

NO, you just have to return the car with the same level of fuel as it had when you collected it. This is recorded on the rental agreement.

9. Do you provide Full Comprehensive Insurance with no excesses?

YES, you can select which level of insurance you prefer. If you opt for FDW (Full Damage Waiver) and WUG (Wheels, Undercarriage and Glass) additional cover, you are covered for everything and with no excess. This of course applies only if you are driving legally and in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

10. Should I reserve the car before my arrival?

YES, we strongly recommend this to avoid disappointment. Especially during our high season (July-August).

11. Do you provide GPS with the car hire?

YES, if necessary GPS units are available for €4 per day. If you need a GPS unit please include it when you make your booking.