Theologos Waterfalls

Beautiful Theologos waterfalls in Thassos Greece

A Must Visit Place in the South Region of Thassos Greece

When hiring a car in Thassos there are plenty of things to do and recommended places to visit! In this blog, we highlight our recommendation from this summer. This being the discovery of the beautiful Theologos waterfalls. The locals named them “Kefalogournas”. We believe the waterfalls took their name from the word “kefali” head in Greek which refers to the central location of the waterfalls at the heart of Theologos and “gournas” which means spring in Thassian dialect.

Get ready for a literally refreshing swim in the traditional village of Theologos!

path theologos

As mentioned in our previous blog, the village of Theologos has always been one of the top places to visit in Thassos, primarily, for strolling around the traditional winding streets, visiting the orthodox old churches and the folklore museum, and meeting the friendly locals! However, for the more adventurous you can also enjoy today a swim in the waterfall although we must advise be prepared for a cold one!


Theologos has been always famous for the crystal clear waters of Saint Vassiliki springs. The springs are located above the village and rumour says that the springs took their name from a monastery that was built by monks in the 13th century before the byzantine period. You can visit today the springs found at the end of Theologos by the watermill. The area is green with dense vegetation, running crystal clear waters and tall plane trees that have been there for years! A stunning landscape to fall in love with!

How to reach this magical place in Theologos

Theologos village houses

Theologos is located in the southern part of the island. From Potos, at the main cross roads, depending on which direction you are coming from, take the right from the east side or left from the west side of Thassos inland towards the mountains.  From this point in Potos, Theologos is just an 11 kilometres/15 minute drive.

traditional house theologos

The main road of Theologos is a small one-way road. Take this until you reach this famous old mansion (see the picture below), where you will find a small car park to leave your car and walk the final few metres to the waterfalls. Walking out of the car park you will find a wooden sign pointing you in the right direction and in just a few minutes you will reach the upper waterfall. If you continue for a further 5 minutes you will reach the lower waterfall. Incredibly the waterfalls are literally located in the centre of Theologos!

Theologos square car park

You can find the exact location on Google Map under the following link:

If you are unable to find a parking space available keep driving until you reach the end of Theologos where you can leave your car and walk approximately 15 minutes to the waterfalls.

About the waterfalls in Theologos

waterfalls theologos

There are two waterfalls you can swim in. Firstly on the dirt track, this waterfall is deeper and steeper, however, following on from here, turn left and walk carefully along the rocks you will find the first one –entering either from the rocks or the side. Please note there are no steps leading into the waterfalls and we suggest you enter the water slowly – we strongly don’t recommend jumping straight in as the waters are literally freezing cold even on hottest August day!

waterfalls thassos

The first waterfall is particularly deep so if you have children with you, don’t leave them unattended. Back on the dirt track road you can follow on the other hand, the stone house, the old aqueduct to reach the second waterfall – this one being on a lower level, more shallow and being more family-friendly especially if you have children with you.

flour mill theologos

Top 5 things to know before you visit Theologos

  • There are no official opening hours or entry ticket required, however, if you are looking to take some unique photographs or swim alone, visit the waterfalls as early as possible in the morning. The car park also gets busy later in the day with locals who live in Theologos.
  • Do not visit the waterfalls in flip flops, the rocks are slippery so you need to wear comfortable footwear.
  • Unfortunately, there are no changing rooms if you wish to change out of your wet beachwear following a swim.
  • There are no cafes or shops available nearby so please ensure you carry sufficient water with you.
  • The temperature of the water is approximately 10 degrees so please think twice before you jump in!

For all nature and trekking lovers, Theologos offers some beautiful walking routes for everyone, whether you are a beginner or the most experienced of walkers!  All in all, there is something for everyone in Theologos whether you chose to discover the stunning flora and fauna or just relax with a delicious meal in one of the local must-visit taverns! 🙂

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We hope you will find time to visit the waterfalls in Theologos soon and don’t forget to share your experience with us, not forgetting to tell us how you found the temperature of the water!

For more information about Theologos village click here!