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Ferry to Thassos: Routes, Cost, Schedule & Car Rentals

If you plan to catch a ferry in Thassos, keep reading as we discuss everything you must know about Thassos ferries, from how much they cost to their schedules. Also, we’ll discuss what services you can get on the ferry. So, without wasting any more time, let us dive in and discover everything there is to learn about ferries in Thassos.

What is the cost of Thassos ferry tickets?

The cost of Thassos ferry tickets depends on various things, such as the type of ticket you pick, the time of the year, and the company you are using.

For example, a one-way economy class ticket from Keramoti port (Greece mainland) to Limenas port (Thassos Island) will cost around €5 for an adult and €3 for a child (5 to 10 years).

From Prinos to Kavala, the cost is €6.5 for adults and €4 for children from 5 to 10 years of age. But if you are going with a group, the ferry ticket will be €3 from Keramoti to Limenas and €4 from Prinos to Kavala.

If you take a vehicle transport with you on the ferry, it will add to the cost. A car will cost anywhere between €20 to €25, depending on the car you are taking. A bicycle will cost €3 for Keramoti to Limenas and €4 from Prinos to Kavala.

For motorbikes, the cost for Keramoti to Limenas is from €5 to €6, and for Prinos to Kavala, it is €6 to €8. Other vehicles, such as trucks and ATVs (any terrain vehicles), cost from €10 to €28, depending on the vehicle.

What are the different Thassos ferry routes available, and which is the most popular?

The island of Thassos leads to several routes connected to the mainland and other close islands. Here are some of the most popular Thassos ferry routes:

  • Keramoti to Thassos: This is the short and most popular route, which takes only 30 minutes to get to your destination. This route is mostly used by people traveling from Kavala Airport.
  • Kavala to Thassos: This route is the most used, and several ferry companies opt for this route to get to Thassos. The journey takes around 2 hours.

We would suggest that you check with the ferry companies for better up-to-date information on the routes.

How often do Thassos ferries run, and what is the schedule?

The frequency of ferries for Thassos depends on the transport demand and the season you are traveling in. During the summer, tourism is at its highest, so more ferry services are available for the island. Whereas, in general, the most used Thassos, like Keramoti to Thassos and Kavala to Thassos, have daily ferries during the tourist season.

Other than the tourist season, fewer ferries go to Thassos, and there is a chance that some routes are not even operational. So, it would be best if you check with the ferry company before your start your trip. You must also be aware of the ferry’s schedule. The current schedules are as follows:

Ferry Route from Limenas to Keramoti

Limenas Keramoti
05:30 05:30
06:45 06:30
07:45 07:15
08:30 08:00
09:15 09:00
10:15 09:45
11:15 10:30
12:15 11:30
13:15 12:30
14:00 13:30
14:45 14:30
15:30 15:15
16:30 16:00
17:45 17:45
19:15 19:45

Ferry Route from Prinos to Kavala

Prinos Kavala
07:15 09:15
12:00 14:00
15:45 17:30

You can check the daily schedule here.

How long does it take to travel by Thassos ferry, and what is the distance?

The travel time for each Thassos ferry depends on the type of ferry, the departure port, and the route. But to give you an idea, let us discuss the most popular ferry routes and how long each takes:

  •  Kavala – Thassos: Kavala is 75.3km away from Thassos. Depending on the ferry you travel, this route takes max. 2 hours to get to Thassos.
  •  Keramoti – Thassos: The distance between Thassos and Keramoti is 35.5km. This route is the shortest and the most used, as it takes only 30 minutes to get to the Thassos.

Keep in mind that these travel timings are an estimate, and they can take you longer depending on the factors like ferry schedules and weather conditions. So, we would advise you to check with the ferry company for confirmation.

What are the amenities available on Thassos ferry, such as food, seating, and entertainment?

Each ferry offers a set of different amenities from the other, depending on the company that the ferry belongs to. Though, there are some common amenities that each Thassos ferry offers, such as:

  • Seating: Almost every ferry has outdoor and indoor seating areas, where indoor seating areas are mostly air-conditioned and are filled with standard seats, loungers, and cabins as well. On the other hand, outdoor seating is mostly standard chairs and pool-side chairs.
  • Restrooms: All ferries are equipped with functional restrooms, and they are mostly located on the lower deck of the ferry.
  • Drinks and Food: Ferries come with onboard restaurants and cafes. They offer a variety of drinks and food options, such as sandwiches, snacks, hot meals, and different beverages.
  • Bike and Car Transport: All ferries can also transport vehicles like motorcycles, cars, and bicycles.

We recommend you check with the ferry operator and ask for a list of amenities beforehand.

Can I book a Thassos ferry ticket in advance, and how can I do so?

At the moment, you can’t pre-book a Thassos ferry ticket but you can buy it easily from the kiosk at the port before the departure. You can pay either in cash or by card. Most of the employees they do speak English.

Is it necessary to bring your own car on Thassos ferry, or should I rent a car in Thassos?

It is not necessary to bring a car to Thassos ferry. It is recommended to rent a car in Thassos and have it delivered directly at the port or your hotel. Of course, it completely depends on your preferences and travel plans. So, in the end, it is completely your choice, travel plan, and budget to bring your car or rent one in Thassos.

Is it possible to rent a car on Thassos island after arriving by ferry, and what are my options?

Yes, you can surely rent a car on Thassos island once the ferry arrives on the island. Thassos being a popular tourist place, is home to several car rental companies, and you can easily spot them around the island, especially in Limenas town.

Once the ferry arrives at the island, you can easily look for a car rental shop close to the port or nearby town. We would suggest that you book the car in advance if you are visiting during the tourist season, as it will save you from all the stress, and you can avoid the crowd.

Thassos has several car rental options, including international and local companies, such as Potos Car Rentals. You can easily pre-book a car online and take the car on a ferry if you wish. They also offer a wide range of cars, from economy-class to electric ones.

These are just some car rental providers you can find on Thassos island. We recommend comparing the prices, customer reviews, and terms and conditions before booking a car.

What is the price for car rentals in Thassos?

Car rental prices on Thassos depend on many things, like the type of car, the season, and the rental duration. But, to give you an idea, here are some estimated car rental prices in Thassos. The per day cost for a small car will vary from €20 to €40. You can also check our the prices in Thassos to have a better idea.

Are there any restrictions on the type of item or the luggage that can be brought onto a Thassos ferry?

Yes, ferries have some restrictions regarding the size and type of luggage you can take on a Thassos ferry. Each ferry must have different restrictions depending on the company’s policies and routes, but these are some of the general rules.

  • Size and weight: The majority of ferry companies have restrictions on the weight and size of the luggage that you can bring on the ferry. The maximum weight allowed is from 30 to 50 kg per passenger.
  • Forbidden items: Some of the items are strictly not allowed on the ferry, such as flammable material, explosives, weapons, and anything lethal. Also, some ferry companies do not allow live animals on board.
  • Additional charges: Some ferry companies charge extra money and allow overweight or oversized luggage. So, it would be best to check with the company about the restrictions and extra charges before.

Can I bring my pet on the Thassos ferry, and are there any additional fees or regulations?

It is generally allowed to bring your pet on the Thassos ferry. However, there are some rules and fees that you must know of, such as:

  • Size and type of the pet: A majority of the ferries allow pets, but they have some rules regarding the pet’s type and size. For example, some ferries only allow animals like cats and dogs, while some allow small animals like birds and rabbits.
  • Animal carrier: Your pet must be transported in a suitable pet cage. The cage must be clean, and in good condition so your pet is safe inside. Also, the carrier must be spacious enough for the pet to sit, lie down, and stand comfortably.
  • Pet’s behavior: The pet must be trained and well-behaved. It must not disturb other passengers and crew members. If the pet has an aggressive nature, then you must have to keep it in the carrier or not bring it on board.
  • Fees and documentation: Some ferry companies charge an additional fee for a pet, and the owner also needs to provide documentation like a health certificate and pet passport. We would advise checking with the ferry company to avoid future difficulties.

Are there any options for private or chartered Thassos ferry rides?

There are some options available for chartered or private Thassos ferries. Here are some of the options you can look into for a private or chartered ferry ride to Thassos:

  • Private ferry charters: A number of ferry companies in Thassos offer charter ferries for events and groups. These ferries can be great for private weddings, large family gatherings, and corporate events.
  • Private yacht charters: Several charter yacht companies offer private rental yachts on per-day sailing trips and longer charters. These yachts are best for a group to explore the coastline and the nearby island of Thassos with style and comfort.

How do I find the Thassos ferry port, and what is the parking situation like?

Thassos’ most used ferry port is in the town of Limenas, also called Thassos Town. The port is on the island’s northeastern coast, and it serves as the main entrance and exit for visitors coming to or leaving from Thassos via a ferry. Limenas is an extremely common destination, and it offers a number of amenities and services, such as restaurants, hotels, shops, and cafes.

So, if you are traveling to the port in your car, then we would advise you to look into the parking options. As the parking situation at Limenas port depends on the time of year, you are visiting. For example, if you are visiting from June to September, finding a suitable parking spot near the port would be difficult.

There are many public parking areas available near the port. So, if you are traveling to Thassos and want secure parking, we suggest arriving early at the port so you can secure a good and safe parking spot.

What happens if my Thassos ferry is canceled or delayed, and what are my options for rescheduling and refunds?

If the ferry is delayed or canceled, the company must inform the customer of the situation and offer options like refunding the ticket or rescheduling the trip.

The customer is entitled to ask for assistance or compensation, depending on the company’s circumstances and policies. There is a high chance if the ferry is delayed, the company will offer some compensation to the travellers in the form of a free meal or by arranging an alternative ferry,

Also, if the ferry is canceled or delayed, we advise you to stay connected with the ferry company and ask what course of action they would like to follow. Some companies offer a refund to the customer, but you need to provide the receipt and other documentation proving your travel expenses.

What are the different Thassos ferry companies operating in the region, and how do they differ in terms of prices and services?

Many ferry companies are operating in the Thassos region. These companies offer a safe and secure connection between the mainland and the island and will also take you around the neighboring islands depending on each ferry. Here are a few of the most in-demand ferry services in Thassos:

  • Thassos Ferries: Thassos Ferries provide a daily connection between Keramoti port and Limenas port on Thassos. The ticket price is €5 for a single person, but they do not offer online bookings. So, you must grab your ticket from the booking office before the ferry departs. Thassos Ferries also provides several additional services that set them apart from other companies, such as pet transportation, luggage handling, and charter services. Whether you’re traveling with a furry friend or just want someone else to take care of your bags, Thassos Ferries has got you covered. So, if you’re planning a trip to Thassos, be sure to consider Thassos Ferries for your transportation needs.
  • Aneth ferries: ANETH Ferries was founded in 1974 by locals Thassos shareholders mainly as a multi-stock company, the Thassos Shipping Company. Its establishment was aimed at better serving the maritime transport needs of the island in an adequate manner and for the benefit of the island’s inhabitants. Since its establishment until today, the company has built, acquired and operated its ships, paying special attention to safety and providing the passengers with high quality services. Today it has four almost newly built ships . You can check the daily schedule here.

How can I compare and select the best Thassos ferry company for my travel needs, such as convenience, comfort, and affordability?

With so many ferry services available, picking one that suits your needs could be difficult. So, to make it easier, we have come up with a list of things you should check before booking a ferry service to ensure a comfortable trip.

  • Ferry schedules and routes: Look into the schedules and routes of each ferry service to make sure that they offer the areas you would like to visit. Also, look into the things such as destination served, frequency of services, and departure times to see if it fits your availability.
  • Travel duration: Compare the travel duration of different ferry services to find the one that suits your travel needs.
  • Ticket price: Make sure that you check each ferry service’s ticket prices and see which one offers good services at the most affordable pricing.
  • Onboard amenities: See what amenities they are offering in the price. If you find that the services are good enough, and they fall under your budget, buy the ticket and enjoy your journey.

These pointers will help you book the best Thassos ferry company suitable for your travel needs.