Night life in Thassos

Nightlife in Thassos – all you need to know!

Nightlife in Thassos: An insider’s guide to the villages with the best nightlife in Thassos including bars, dance clubs, gastronomical events, festivals, music events and Greek-style entertainment!

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best reviewed hotels

Best Reviewed 5 Star Hotels of Thassos!

Thassos “the Emerald Island” of the Aegean Sea has, apart from its natural beauty and the warm hospitality of the locals, some excellent accommodation options to offer. Continue reading “Best Reviewed 5 Star Hotels of Thassos!”

Which resort to choose in Thassos

Which resort to choose for your holiday in Thassos?

First of all, congratulations for choosing Thassos, the Emerald Island, as your holiday destination! The next step is to choose the resort that is best suited to your personal requirements and ensure that you make the very most of your stay on this beautiful Island. Continue reading “Which resort to choose for your holiday in Thassos?”

thassos car hire

Driving in Thassos: Tips, Rules & Driving Customs

Is driving in Thassos easy? What do I have to know about driving on the island? Are any special rules or differences in comparison to other EU countries? Should I rent a car in Thassos? Read our new post below to get the answers! Continue reading “Driving in Thassos: Tips, Rules & Driving Customs”

top 5 beaches in thassos

Top 5 beaches in Thassos you must visit!

Top 5 beaches in Thassos: There is no doubt that Thassos has some of the most beautiful and clean beaches in the Aegean Sea! Whether you are looking for sandy exotic beaches or rocky coves for snorkeling and diving to get a glimpse of the fascinating marine life on offer, Thassos has something for everyone! Small or large, organized or secluded, sandy or pebbles, the beaches of Thassos make for a perfect long day under the Greek sun. We have selected 5 beaches which we love, of course there are dozens of others! Continue reading “Top 5 beaches in Thassos you must visit!”