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Top Thassos Tours to Try

Thassos is a fantastic destination for adventure and natural beauty. This gorgeous and famously green island in the north of Greece is just a short ferry ride from the beautiful city of Kavala. Slightly off the beaten path, Thassos has its own strong identity and proud history.

Of all the beautiful Greek Islands, Thassos stands out for its incredible terrain and geology. The beaches of Thassos are varied and uniquely beautiful, from the glittering pure white sands of Marble beach – you drive through a marble quarry to get there – to the fantastic Giola Lagoon – one of Greece’s most photographed beaches with a landscape so unique you’d think it’s on the moon.

Sailing near Marble beach on Thassos

These are just a few of the magnificent beaches of Thassos. But that is not the whole story of the island. Actually, a lot of the fun and adventure to be found in Thassos is in its mountainous inland – lush forests, ravines, waterfalls. This is terrain for the adventurous. And there is no better, safer, or more thrilling way to explore it than by a Thassos tour by Jeep Safari with an expert private guide.

Thassos Tour by Jeep Safari

This is an island with a lot to discover – from hidden waterfalls to the most traditional and charming villages. You need an insider to experience Thassos to the fullest. Preferably, an insider with a four-wheel drive vehicle to get you to up the highest peaks and over the wildest terrain. Get ready for some thrilling views and pristine nature, and a knowledgeable guide to fill you in on the secrets and stories behind the places you visit together.

Suzuki Jimny Safari in Thassos

On this Thassos Jeep Safari, a hospitable and enthusiastic local will introduce you to all of the key sights of Thassos, and also plenty of places that are off the beaten path, in every sense. And, as every traveler knows, it’s not just about the destinations – it’s the journey. This one will be thrilling – through the lush green shade, sweet breezes, and under the gorgeous Aegean. Your vehicle will be a Jeep Renegade or Suzuki Jimny, getting you safely around the island with plenty of excitement.

The Plan for an Incredible Day of Adventure – Your Thassos Jeep Safari

Your day will bring you from the glittering shores of Thassos island to its highest peak – Ypsarion – at an elevation of 1206 meters. The trip begins in the oldest village of Thassos – Kastro. The village is named for the castle (”kastro”) whose dramatic ruins define this charming town. You’ll see the famous church of Agios Athanasios and soak up the authentic village atmosphere before getting into the jeep to visit one of Thassos’ most beautiful monasteries – the Moni Panagouda with its old wooden church. The setting of the monastery is enchanting. You’ll drink sweet cool water from a healing spring. And there is more water still – a beautiful artificial lake and the Maries waterfalls. The falls charge the air with energy as you enjoy the shade of the plane trees. Here you can also taste the tradition of Thassos, in the traditional sweets and above all in the pine honey – the excellence of which makes it famous all over Greece. You can buy some too – it makes a sweet souvenir.

Thassos Jeep Safari

From here, you’ll head to Ypsarion. Along with the exciting scenery, you’ll enjoy as the jeep climbs upwards, you’ll find extraordinary views from the top. 360 degrees’ worth, actually: from the peak of Ypsarion you can see not only Kavala and the dramatic beauty of Mount Athos (the peak of over 2000 meters on the tip of the monastic peninsula of Halkidiki), but possibly even the islands of Lemnos and Samothraki.

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Beach Safari

On the descent, you’ll enjoy another rest stop with more stunning views. The Shelter, at 910 meters, offers an incredible view of Golden Beach as you refresh yourself from more cool natural mountain spring water.

And now, for some beach time. You’ll be visiting the must-see beaches of Thassos. As it must be seen to be believed: Giolas Lagoon is in fact not actually a “beach” in the traditional sense – it’s more of a stunning natural phenomenon – a natural pool of sea water with a dramatic rock formation that is one of Thassos’ best-known sites. There will be time for a swim in this iconic pool – nick-named the “Eye of Zeus” – before moving on to Paradise Beach. It’s an apt name – a gorgeous sandy beach with shallow and inviting waters ideal for families and less experienced swimmers. You’ll enjoy an hour here before we move on to our next fabulous beach.

giola thassos

To get to Marble beach, we’ll take an off-road route from Limenas to enjoy the rugged beauty of nature off the beaten path, stopping for magnificent photos along the way. The massive white marble makes a dramatic finale to a day of adventure.

Other Great Thassos Tours to Try

There are several other specially designed tours to discover the best of Thassos, depending on your special interests.

Ancient Thassos Tour

History buffs will be in heaven on Thassos. Your Ancient Thassos tour starts in the archaeological museum of Limenas, housing artifacts dating back from the 7th century BC. You’ll also visit the Ancient Agora of Thassos, where the world of 4th century BC Thassos springs to the imagination. The Kalogeriko building and the ancient amphitheater of the Acropolis in Limenas complete your tour.

Thassos Island Tour

Those interested in history and culture will love this Thassos island tour. Highlights include Aliki beach and the famous ancient marble queries of Thassos – truly a must-see. You’ll also visit the 18th century monastery church of the Archangel Michael, the enchanting village of Panagia, and the Vagi Museum of Potamia, celebrating a famous local artist.

Philippi Tour

This Philippi tour starts in Limenas and takes you to the mainland and brings you to the ancient city of Phillipi, a must-visit destination for fans of archaeology and of course all those interested in religious tourism. This is where St. Paul introduced Europe to Christianity first, preaching in 49 AD. It is a vast archaeological site covering many eras from the ancient world through early christianity. You’ll also visit the site where Europe’s first Christian was baptised, then enjoy Kavala – a gem of a city.

Thassos Boat Trip

Is it all about beaches for you? Then you’ve come to the perfect island. Discover the best beaches, snorkelling, and fishing of Thassos on an all-day Thassos Boat Trip. You even have your choice of two itineraries – covering the northern part and the southern part, respectively.

Limenas Thassos Panorama

Thassos Sailing Tour

Experience the beauty of the northern Aegean at its finest on an all day Thassos Sailing Tour. Enjoy the sea breezes as the wind fills the sails. An experienced skipper will take you to the best beaches and snorkeling spots of the island as well as the little island of Panagia, a protected habitat of marine biodiversity.

We hope that this list of top Thassos tours will inspire you to visit this remarkable Greek island.

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